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Pat, the main reason for using the 3b as opposed to an AAN - fiding an
adu/aby in US is next to impossible - is that the configuration is more
compatable with your chassis.  The AAN intake manifold is all wrong as are
all of the accessory attachment points, water pipes, radiator, etc.  3b more
or less drops in, relatively speaking.  The main limitation of the 3b is the
ignition and older design of some oil routing I beleive. There are some
other points, but the reasons you would want an AAN is these updates.
Coil-on-plug ignition is a big deal when running extreme boost.. However,
everything I have heard says you can get 300hp from a 3b and not worry but
you would want to consider a larger oil cooler.  As for stability, your 7a
must've been a lemon cuz these motors are built like the rock at Gibralter.
Once you crack one open, just pay close attention to preparing the gasket
sufaces and proper torque.

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> that is my question.
> I am about to purchase, on Monday, a 200 20vt.
> I am wondering what are the main compelling reasons not to go with this
> motor for my conversion..? My main goal is to achive a very daily
> driveable 280-300 hp, and be able to maintain the finished product at a
> minimal cost.
> I figured that if I needed to have RS2 spec I would probably have to go
> with AAN or ABY. Is that true? Or can the 3B also be modified properly
> if the need for more overcomes me?
> Also, will the stock CQ gearbox be sufficient for the conversion or will
> I want to try to bring the 200's gearbox over as well, if that's even
> possible?
> Finally, how stable are the 3B's? Maintaining a 7A motor for the last 4
> years has really gotten on my nerves and I need to know if I have to get
> used to it or if it gets better with the 3B.
> Thanks! Pat
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