[e//S2] Moment of clarity...

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Sun Aug 10 17:13:41 EDT 2003

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I haven't found much time, or the mental clarity to work on the coupe, thin=
gs have been really crazy around here. But I started again working on the c=
oupe and figured I mention.

For a while I been totaly relient on etka and truthfully etka is great. But=
 there is an easier solution to this wiring nightmare I have created.  I wa=
s going to do this by the "books". But once again I was sent the wrong harn=
ess.   I have basically gave up for now on putting in the 93 r12 style Clim=
ate Control.

I will be making another home brewed harness that will allow me to use the =
Stock 90-91 coupe quattro Climate control with the aby harness. It's really=
 simple and for some reason it totally flew over my head.. I guess I really=
 wanted it to be plug an play. But this answer is a very simple solution..


The orange plug in on the aby harness as seen in picture has a blue and whi=
te wire, a green and black, and two yellow and black wires.

There is a Three pin Orange plugin, and a single pin white plugin on the cl=
imate control harness of the coupe quattro climate control harness found wi=
thin the dash harness.

Basically I will have to match these up. It's quite simple.. When I am done=
 I will take some pictures.

But.. Long story short...

I have the aby harness installed and I had to make 3 home brewed harnesses =
to match up to the coupe quattro harnesses.

Which include
One to the rear harness for the reverse lights
One to the driver side engine bay harness.
And now one to match up to the climate control harness.

I have yet to try this all out.. But I am preity confident I am totally on =
track.. or at least heading in the right direction.


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