[e//S2] Air flow options

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Most of that stuff can be found used on Ebay.de.  However, there is often
trouble with payment, shipping, or communication.  Not always, but often.
Otherwise you just have to watch the audiworld marketplace like a hawk.  New
parts can be had from several places such as Europrice, Achtuning, and

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> Hello.
> I'm looking at tuning options for the 3B, and for solid street performance
> I've decided that I will most likely upgrade:
> Chip & boost sensor
> Exhaust manifold + Exhaust
> Intercooler
> Engine Cooling System
> Any suggestions on the chip selection? I'm thinking about going MTM.
> Where can I source an RS2 exhaust manifold? What are the costs typically?
> Are there any othere options?
> Where can I source an RS2 intercooler? Are there any other aftermarket
> available?
> Will the increased cooling capacity help protect the engine better with
> these upgrades installed? Will it help performance?
> Should I also consider an oil cooler?
> I am also considering venting the hood to keep engine bay temps down...
> What I'm looking to do is make a very daily driveable, close to 300 hp S2
> that will be reliable, have a long life and has the option to upgrade
> if needed. Also would be nice to attend some track events once in a while
> and then drive home.
> I would be very interested in using aftermarket parts if they have been
> proven to be effective and robust. I hope there's some commentary out
> I'm loving this project.
> Patrick Yam
> Minneapolis, MN
> '84 4kq
> '90 CQ-->//S2conv
> '91 200q20v
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