[e//S2] is it possible to weld cast aluminum to extruded??

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I'd look at the current setup first.  Are the runners all equal length and size?  They're probably optimized to allow equal air flow to each cylinder; moving the intake port to the opposite side may mess that up, unless you do some porting.  Might be significant, might not... might have more effect off boost, might not...

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>The reason I ask is that I was thinking I could just lop off the plenum of my AAN intak maifold and weld a big tube on the runners.  That way I can move the TB to the front ala Dahlback style.  People want outrageous sums for these simple hunks of metal - whether its 3b or MTM - and it's pissing me off.  I'll be dammed if I'm gonna pay $300-$700 for a damned aluminum doorstop.
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Isn't the Dahlback IM a blend of cast and extruded?

even if it isnt, Jim Green and Javad Shadzi have welded up there own EMs...Martin Pajak has done cad drawings on the same.

I see NO reason at all why someone with a TIG gun cant put this together....even a MIG or Stick welder would allow you to tack something together and then bring it to a pro ....


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