[e//S2] eS2 conversion update...

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Mon Aug 18 12:19:13 EDT 2003

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Your progress is looking good, Ben.  I hope to get back to work on mine

> where/how did you run the main engine harness through the firewall?

Anyway, at first I thought this was a trick question, but after thinking
about it for a second, I remembered that we aren't all using the same
harness.  Duh.  I'm using the ABY harness, which means it goes through the
driver's side, just like the 7A.  I'm not sure what to do if using the 200
or S4 harness.  Offhand, if you try to go through the driver's side, I would
say you will probably have problems reaching some stuff (MAF, WGFV), without
modifying the harness.  You may also have trouble placing the ECU in the
stock location.  Anyone know?  I never got that far before I bailed on my S4


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