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>> anyone know the dimensions of the RS IC and its equiv CFM ? Thanks
> Sorry guys, I keep forgetting to post this on my site.
> RS2 intercooler core dimensions (not with endcaps):
> 63mm x 185mm x 450mm


That's 2.5" x 7.25" x 18.0".  Are you sure of your 63mm dim?  If you
remeasure it, I suspect that you will find that it is 83mm, not 63, which
would make it the same core as used on the 5K, 200, and 200-20V, only the
length differs with the application.  Note that these cores are not of true
rectangular crossection, they are slightly tapiziodal.  This is one of the
most thermally efficient per unit volume core designs on the market, far
superior to most of that expensive aftermarket stuff.  Here is some more
data on this core that I've posted to the 200 and 20V lists in 12/01.

The 200-20V ICs have an effective core length of 15", the 5Ks are 13.5",
just considering cores, not header controled flow patterns.
The cross sectional area and internal heat transfer designs are identical,
they are the same core, differing only in length.  The open flow CSA I have
measured and calculated as being 6.2 square inches, twice that of the 2"ID
inlet piping @ 3.14 sq " which, seat of the pants wise, seems a reasonable
ratio, from a flow and pressure drop perspective.

For my "3Bing the 7A" project, I have elected to use two 5K cores in a
single pass series configuration, for cost considerations and because the
only possible space in the 90Q is low, behind the bumper where the IC can
see ram air from the full width air vent under the bumper.  With fogs gone,
the IC will share this full width vent with the oil cooler.  The 5K plastic
headers have been modified for single pass use, and the return air piping,
from which the IC will hang, will be integrated into the chassis cross
brace, ala the RS2.

The two cores were combined by first swaging the inlet side of each core
tube end into a flared configuration, such that the outlet tubes of the
first section slip into the inlet tubes of the second section, the result
being no flow disturbing interface transition between cores and a smoother
entry flow at the input header end.  The mating tube plates were then welded
together around their periphery and the modified headers reaattached.  I
have the swaging tool, if any one wants it.

To quantify the effectiveness of this IC installation, I intend to install
temperature and pressure sensors either side of the IC.


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