[e//S2] RS IC dimensions

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Tue Aug 19 07:58:52 EDT 2003

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> Are you sure of your 63mm dim?

I wasn't sure because I had taken those measurements a long time ago.  So, I
measured again last night and sure enough, I got one of the measurements
wrong, but not the one that Bernie predicted.  Also, the core isn't
trapezoidal, but rather a rectangle on all dimensions.

     Core Length: 498 mm
     Core Height: 185 mm
     Core Width: 63 mm

     Inlet (inside diameter): 43 mm
     Outlet (inside diameter): 60 mm

New RS2 Intercooler page (with photos) is here:


I think I have an intercooler from a 5000 boxed-up in my garage somewhere,
but I didn't have time last night to try to find it.  When I do, I will take
measurements and put up some photos.  For awhile, we had planned to put a
second intercooler in place of the discarded aux. radiator, but I decided to
go stock for now until I have the tools to study more advanced intercooling
(which is what it sounds like Bernie is doing).


Jimmy P.

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