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Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Tue Aug 19 11:08:27 EDT 2003

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Oops, a correction to my below figures.  I used the length of the 5K core in
comparing the length effect of the RS2 core, not that of the 200, as I
wrongly stated.  The RS2 core is 20% longer than the 200 core.


Hi JP,

So, apparently the RS2 uses a different, thinner cold side flow length core
than do the other stock Audi ICs (5k, 200).  If the ratio of IC cross
section to hot side flow area is the same as stock Audi cores, the RS IC
should have a hot side flow area of only 75% that of the stock cores, and
being 33% longer than is the 200-20V IC, the combination will have a
considerably higher hot side flow resistance than the stock IC.  In the RS2
the IC may have better cold side air flow, both because of placement and the
lower cold side flow resistance, than does the 200, and maybe, as an
optimumizing tradeoff, Audi sacrificed hot side pressure drop for cold side
flow??  (Do you believe that?)

The RS2 IC would not be my choice, even if it were a freebe!

Very nice pactures, Jimmy!  Thanks.

Regards,  Bernie

From: Jimmy Pribble <Jimmy at texasbankers.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 06:58:52 -0500
To: 'Bernie Benz' <b.benz at charter.net>
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Subject: RE: [e//S2] RS IC dimensions


> Are you sure of your 63mm dim?

I wasn't sure because I had taken those measurements a long time ago.  So, I
measured again last night and sure enough, I got one of the measurements
wrong, but not the one that Bernie predicted.  Also, the core isn't
trapezoidal, but rather a rectangle on all dimensions.

     Core Length: 498 mm
     Core Height: 185 mm
     Core Width: 63 mm

     Inlet (inside diameter): 43 mm
     Outlet (inside diameter): 60 mm

New RS2 Intercooler page (with photos) is here:


I think I have an intercooler from a 5000 boxed-up in my garage somewhere,
but I didn't have time last night to try to find it.  When I do, I will take
measurements and put up some photos.  For awhile, we had planned to put a
second intercooler in place of the discarded aux. radiator, but I decided to
go stock for now until I have the tools to study more advanced intercooling
(which is what it sounds like Bernie is doing).


Jimmy P.


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