[e//S2] project update and a few questions...

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Mon Aug 25 10:46:38 EDT 2003

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Hey guys,

Managed to get to the garage for a second straight weekend! Saturday, I rem=
oved the steering rack for better access to the wiring harness. While I had=
 it out, I replaced the soggy steering damper with the one from the 200 don=
or car which is like new.
I also chiselled out the battery box and grinded the area down to bare meta=
l for body work and painting. I then cut a circular hole about 3" in diamet=
er into the right side of the fire wall to accept the 3B harness. Sorry I d=
on't have pics, but I forgot to download my digicam before i lent it out. G=
lad to say though that everything went pretty smoothly. Sunday, I spent a g=
ood 5-6 hours going over the 3B and 7A wiring diagrams and harnesses and I =
can finally say that I'm starting to understand it all! I think for the fir=
st time yesterday, I had good feelings about being able to sort it all out.=
 I do have a few questions though. I'm hoping some of you will know exacly =
how to deal with these issues:

1) the 3B engine has a single carbon canister frequency valve at the back o=
f the block on the crank case breather, while the 7A has two valves (on/off=
 & frequency) at the canister itself. Am i safe to assume that I delete the=
 two 7A valves but keep the cannister, and use the single connector on the =
3B harness for the single 3B valve? Also, I guess I need to run some hose f=
rom the carbon cannister to the valve.

2) on the 7A there is a valve with a connector on one of the hoses leading =
to the heater core. the 3B has a similar valve with connector, but it also =
has a vacuum connection with an actuator. Again, I'm assuming I'll use the =
3B harness connector, but what connects to the vacuum connection, and what =
does it do?

3) there is a single blade connector on the starter. I can't seem to find t=
he wire on the 3B harness that goes to this. Do I keep the connection from =
the 7A?

My new clutch should be arriving this week, which means I'll probably be ab=
le to install the new engine within the next few weeks.


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