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Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Mon Aug 25 12:48:13 EDT 2003

> From: Ben Klumper <bklumper at mdbworld.com>
> To: eS2 List <es2 at audifans.com>
> Subject: [e//S2] project update and a few questions...
> 1) the 3B engine has a single carbon canister frequency valve at the back o=
> f the block on the crank case breather, while the 7A has two valves (on/off=
> & frequency) at the canister itself. Am i safe to assume that I delete the=
> two 7A valves but keep the cannister, and use the single connector on the =
> 3B harness for the single 3B valve? Also, I guess I need to run some hose f=
> rom the carbon cannister to the valve.
> 2) on the 7A there is a valve with a connector on one of the hoses leading =
> to the heater core. the 3B has a similar valve with connector, but it also =
> has a vacuum connection with an actuator. Again, I'm assuming I'll use the =
> 3B harness connector, but what connects to the vacuum connection, and what =
> does it do?
I believe that the 7A and 3B use the same heater water control valve, but on
some of the 7As Audi did not connect this vacuum diaphram actuator to the
DCC system, including my 90Q-20V.  I have since added this white vac tube to
the plugged point on the vac connector, which is located on the side of the
heater/evap box, center console, driver's footwell.  Without this vac line
connected the heater valve is always open, with DCC vac control the heater
valve shuts when in AC mode, maybe others, I don't remember.


> 3) there is a single blade connector on the starter. I can't seem to find t=
> he wire on the 3B harness that goes to this. Do I keep the connection from =
> the 7A?
> My new clutch should be arriving this week, which means I'll probably be ab=
> le to install the new engine within the next few weeks.
> Ben
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