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Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Thu Aug 28 09:01:18 EDT 2003

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Hi guys,

I have finally started on the e//S2 Registry:


I'm not a programmer, so this isn't some cool interactive deal that you can
upload yourself.  I think there are few enough conversions, that I can do a
reasonably good job putting together a static registry.  I have done two
examples, just because I had some handy photos of their car.  I may tweak
the format here or there, but I want enough info about the car that somebody
can contact the right person about specific methods or mods.  For now, I'm
putting everyone's contact address as the e//S2 list.  I can put an email
address if you would like, but I'm trying to get all conversion talk on this

I have information and even photos of most of your projects, but it would be
easier if you could just send me a list of the basics.  There is no hurry on
this, because I'm pretty busy and this stuff will just have to go up when I
have the time.  If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know.
Unless there is something very special about your car that needs
documenting, I can only accommodate about nine photos of your car (maybe cut
to five if the registry gets hoppin'), so go ahead and send those photos to
my urs4.com address, too.  Here is an idea of what I'm looking for:

Website: Do you have website showing off the car and/or conversion?

Primary Mechanic:

Contact: e//S2 List


Car: I'm trying to get the year here.  I may expand this to record VIN,
though it would be optional of course.  Someday, this might become important
if somebody is trying to buy a car on eBay that claimed to be "Brandon's
original e//S2" or something.  In fact, some shady huckster has already done
that!  Oh wait, that was Brandon.  ;-)

Engine: 3B, AAN, ABY, ADU

Which Crossmember?
Which Intercooler?
Other unusual or custom items? Intakes? EM? Custom turbos?
Air Conditioning?

Transmission: 01E?

Suspension: mods?

Brakes: mods?

Interior: Full S2 gauges? Other stuff?


Which Front Bumper Cover?
S2/B4 Hood Conversion?
Euro Headlights?
5-bolt hub conversion?



Notes: Other comments about your conversion.

Any other ideas?  Thanks,

Jimmy P.

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