[e//S2] GP on oem S2 bumper...

Peter Schulz peschulz at cisco.com
Thu Aug 28 12:19:01 EDT 2003


depends on the IC.,,,

http://www.80tq.com/intake.html forJavad's installation (custom cross piece with snub mount required)

Chris and I are running the same aluminum double core radiator, and have removed the secondary.

http://www.newtsplace.com/90tq/index.php?content=intake.html&pagetitle=Intake  for Nate Stuart

http://www.mswanson.com/%7Ejgreen/conversion_home3.html  for Jim Green

http://www.mswanson.com/phpix/?mode=album&album=Audi%2F4ktq%2Fintercooler  for Marc Swanson

Granted that all the above engines are turbo 10vs, but installation should be similar...

<I'd rather spend the $$ on a big IC that flows well with low pressure drop than spend the money on the S2 or RS2 "bumperette">


At 08:53 AM 8/28/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>will the IC fit behind the stock bumper?
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>> Ben:
>> Chris Miller and I plan on keeping the stock bumper.
>> We may end up fabbing custom cross members to support custom ICs (ala
>Javad's 80 TQ)
>> -Peter
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>> >Hey guys,
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>> >I've been batting this one around for a few months now. But I'd like to
>know if any of you would be serious about doing a group purchase on the S2
>front bumper complete w/ mounting hardware and fogs.  I've talked to Alex at
>europrice about costs and if we can get at least 5 people in, he would give
>us a pretty good deal. I'm nearing the end of my engine swap and I'm
>starting to gather the cosmetic parts for this conversion. It would be nice
>to have an S2 bumper on within a couple of months. Any takers out there?
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>> >ben
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