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This is great Jimmy, glad to contribute.  I'm a bit
ashamed to send pictures of the exterior, at least
from closer than 30ft. or so.  But here are the
Car- '91, VIN 480  I purchased the car in 3/92 with
20K miles for $21K
mileage at install- 158K
current mileage- 164K
install performed by 2Bennett, other mods and ongoing
support from Brasil Auto in San Jose (Rui Brasil ran a

S2 in Pro-Rally for a while, still brings it out
website- not yet
contact- eS2 list preferred
engine- 3B
xmember- custom
exhaust- Scorpion cat-back (pre-dates conversion)
downpipe- custom
oil cooler- 200tq
AC- no
radiator- 4-row Aluminum (2Bennett, predates
airbox- RS2
battery- optima, in trunk storage bin
harness- 200tq
transmission- stock
turbo/EM- stock
ECU- IA 3+
suspension- H/R springs, Bilstein shocks (predates
brakes- 330mm rotors, custom hats, brembo 4-piston
calipers (2Bennett Stage 2)
other mods:  RS2 bumper (stock hood and grill), Euro
H4 lights with relays and 55/130 bulbs (since approx.
1996), RS2 steering wheel (brand new), hardwired V1
wheels/ tires- Ronal R38 17x7.5, Yoko AVS intermediate


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> Hi guys,
> I have finally started on the e//S2 Registry:
> http://www.urs4.com/logbook/RS2CQ/registry.htm
> I'm not a programmer, so this isn't some cool
> interactive deal that you can
> upload yourself.  I think there are few enough
> conversions, that I can do a
> reasonably good job putting together a static
> registry.  I have done two
> examples, just because I had some handy photos of
> their car.  I may tweak
> the format here or there, but I want enough info
> about the car that somebody
> can contact the right person about specific methods
> or mods.  For now, I'm
> putting everyone's contact address as the e//S2
> list.  I can put an email
> address if you would like, but I'm trying to get all
> conversion talk on this
> list.
> I have information and even photos of most of your
> projects, but it would be
> easier if you could just send me a list of the
> basics.  There is no hurry on
> this, because I'm pretty busy and this stuff will
> just have to go up when I
> have the time.  If you have any suggestions or
> feedback, please let me know.
> Unless there is something very special about your
> car that needs
> documenting, I can only accommodate about nine
> photos of your car (maybe cut
> to five if the registry gets hoppin'), so go ahead
> and send those photos to
> my urs4.com address, too.  Here is an idea of what
> I'm looking for:
> Website: Do you have website showing off the car
> and/or conversion?
> Primary Mechanic:
> Contact: e//S2 List
> ----
> Car: I'm trying to get the year here.  I may expand
> this to record VIN,
> though it would be optional of course.  Someday,
> this might become important
> if somebody is trying to buy a car on eBay that
> claimed to be "Brandon's
> original e//S2" or something.  In fact, some shady
> huckster has already done
> that!  Oh wait, that was Brandon.  ;-)
> Engine: 3B, AAN, ABY, ADU
> Which Crossmember?
> Which Intercooler?
> Other unusual or custom items? Intakes? EM? Custom
> turbos?
> Air Conditioning?
> Transmission: 01E?
> Suspension: mods?
> Brakes: mods?
> Interior: Full S2 gauges? Other stuff?
> Exterior:
> Which Front Bumper Cover?
> S2/B4 Hood Conversion?
> Euro Headlights?
> 5-bolt hub conversion?
> Wheels:
> Tires:
> Notes: Other comments about your conversion.
> Any other ideas?  Thanks,
> Jimmy P.
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