[e//S2] General Stuff (TGIF), wiring question, Registry

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Fri Aug 29 09:31:48 EDT 2003

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A three day weekend is here; I expect everyone here will find time to work
on their projects over the holiday?  I suppose there are a lucky few in here
who can actually DRIVE their cars over the holiday.  Must be nice!

I am in that stage of the project where seemingly the entire wiring
structure of the car is sitting in the driver's floorboard amidst the blood,
sweat, and tears I have left behind each evening.  This part of the project
is taking even longer for me, because I am actually removing unused parts of
the wiring harness (A/C, stereo, alarm, power seats, all deleted).  Last
night, I removed all of the sunroof wiring for example.  I am doing this
first, before I actually start hooking things back up.  That's why I haven't
called with any dumb questions yet, Josh!

Anyway, I seem to have misplaced my relay cheat sheet.  Is there an online
map to the realy panel under the driver's side dash?  I checked 20v.org.
Could one magically appear in my Inbox?  Yes, I'm still sharing a book,
Chris.  Yes, I'm a loser.

Speaking of 20v.org, thanks to "really" for the registry redirects.  ;-)

Mark, thanks for the offer to do an ACTUAL registry.  For now, this is all
still a labor of love, so I'll just do it the old fashioned way.  Someday,
when my puny strength gives out, I'll go ahead and just feed it to the
Audifans machine for the greater good of the collective.

BTW, I made some additions to the registry last night, so you might want to
check them.  I was tired, so I might have mixed-up a couple of them.  Also,
I swiped photos out of your AW picture posters, which is cheesy, but it was
better than nothing.  As you guys get good photos of your cars, please send
them to me.  And Matt, you have no exuse for no photos - I EASILY have the
ugliest, most ghetto car here.


Jimmy P.

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