[Es2] Good news and bad news...

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Sun Dec 7 19:59:30 EST 2003

Hey guys,

Got back to the garage today and pulled the fault codes and cycled the output tests. The good news is the output tests were fine and there was only one fault code, 2113. The bad news is, 2113 is the hall sender, which has to be one of the most difficult things to get at, let alone diagnose what's wrong with it!  It could be anything from a faulty Hall Sender or distributor in need of adjustment(fairly easy fix); a problem with the engine speed sender and/or reference pin (much more difficult); wiring (hard to believe since this is one area of the harness that's plug and play - no splicing); or the ECU (reeeally hope not, otherwise big $$$)  Bentley says I need to remove a whole lot of stuff to expose the distributor. I really don't feel like doing this, considering it was all just put back together! I almost feel like towing it to the dealership, but no one has ever seen this engine in canada!
Anyway, this is the reason why it's not starting. I was wondering if anyone else has ever encountered this fault code and what the solution was. I'm trying to find out if one problem is more common than the other. I also don't have the electrical testing equipment that the bentley mentions (all I have is a digital multimeter), so if there are alternate test methods out there, I'd love to know!

Anyway, your help is appreciated!


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