[Es2] Hard day at the office...

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 8 10:49:26 EST 2003

--- Ben Klumper <bklumper at mdbworld.com> wrote:
> > 1) should the fuel pump relay (on main panel under
> hood) have a fuse in it, or is the slot just for
> test purposes? 

No fuse in mine.

> 1) The bleeder valve on the heater hose broke off
> when I was trying to open it. 

Best way to bleed is to release the hose from the
firewall.  Those valves are always a big blob of
corrosion.  No BTDT on fixing.

> 2) The bypass valve on the turbo inlet hose severely
> interferes with the right side lock carrier/rad
> support. I

Mine too.  Very (very) crowded behind the pass.
headlight.  I just have mine packed in there, it is
rubbing on the metal.  I think judicious use of a 
dremel could eliminate the interference but haven't
gotten that far yet.  Interested to hear how others
tackle this.


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