[Es2] Good news and bad news...

Ben Klumper bklumper at mdbworld.com
Mon Dec 8 11:07:30 EST 2003

Hi Chris,

The distributor is the original and was never removed from the head. I did however replace the cap and rotor. The rotor has the wide end on it. I purchased it from Rod TPC who noted that it was different, but said it should work. Is the rotor with the narrow head still available? Has anyone tried the new style rotor and had this problem?
The other theory I was thinking about last night is that maybe the distributor is 180 degrees out relative to the crank shaft. The distributor-to-cam shaft gear ratio is 2:1 correct? If so, this means that the dist turns one full rev. for every two of the cam shaft. Because the head was removed and the cams were turned independently of the crank, would it not be possible that the head was reinstalled with both the cams and crank at TDC, but the dist. at 180 degrees (half a rotation) out? Or does that even matter?


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  Hi Ben.
  Is this a new distributor?  I'd start with the alignment first.  
  Assuming you've moved it around, put the engine to TDC, pull the dist. cap, and look to see if the rotor points at the scribe mark on the side of the dist. body (center of rotor to line).  Think it should be the number 1 plug wire too.

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