[Es2] FREE Carbon Fiber Hood!

Ben Nesbitt soopercoop at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 8 23:04:03 EST 2003

Ok, dudes.  I have organized a group buy for custom-made B4 carbon fiber hoods and the only thing holding us up is the lack of a good donor hood.  I know some of you have your cars off the road while doing conversion so I figure somebody could step up.  If you have a non-dented/tweaked/chipped B4 hood that you would rather trade for a show quality Fiber Images carbon hood, all you have to do is speak up!  

You will have to pay for shipping the steel hood (~150) and the carbon hood (~100) unless you are in the SoCal area and you can drop it off/pick up  You will not get your steel hood back cuz they might need it again if the mould breaks.  

The wait time for the first hood (yours) will be less than 4 weeks.

The hoods will save you 25lbs up front and bolt right on ala OEM.  The group buy price is $550 and the normal price is $700.


PS: I am only doing this because some wench smooshed my hood in a parking lot and ran - I did not have comp. insurance.  Now I need a new hood.

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