[Es2] RE: Cleaning and painting the engine

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Fri Dec 12 15:13:58 EST 2003

All AL pieces I just cleaned up with AL cleaner.  However:  my mechanic
George Baxter is very fond of taking all the AL bits to the grinder
bench, and polishing them up to a high sheen.  I was sceptical at first
but he argued and I now believe that once you give them all a mirror
finish, they stay that way a long time and are pretty easy to restore.
Even the AL turbo half comes up nicely.  It certainly looks fabulous.
Whether you do this or not, I wouldn't paint AL parts, it just doesn't
take paint that well.

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> What about the intake mani, engine mounts,
> turbo..etc.etc?  Cleaned and painted as well or did
> you sandblast them?
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