[Es2] S2 wiring harness

jwmarconiiii jwmarconiiii at sbcglobal.net
Fri Dec 26 00:11:30 EST 2003

Hi gang!  I received a S2 wiring harness from Germany last week and have
checked all the runs and connections for continuity and confirmed their
identity using the S2 Central 3B ECU wiring/pin diagrams.  Except for a few!

I have a few misc. connections that would be located in the foot-well fuse
area, but are not listed on the S2 central ECU diagrams.  Anybody know???

Also, what are the TWO large ROUND plug connections that are side-by-side
and bolted to the engine fire wall
with a metal bracket in the area of a 7A battery location????    What plugs
into these two connections???
One plug has 7 large stud-like pins and the other has 8 large stud-like

Can anyone fill these mysteries in?

Most thanks in advance,  Joe Marconi

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