[Es2] 20vt conversion using the stock 20v na?

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Mon Dec 29 08:40:16 EST 2003

Oh sure this has been attempted I would guess a dozen times or so (semi
serious efforts) and discussed perenially on the 20v site.  Can't really
remember the names now.   TAP did a prototype car which is sort of
notorious, it's changed hands four or five times, never did run right.
I think there is a huge laundry list of issues, ranging from adjusting
the compression ratios (the TAP car had a big stack of headgaskets I
seem to recall) to the fact that the main and con rod bearing specs are
different for the boosted cars.  Sorry not to able to be more specific;
I will say that of all the options ever discussed for achieving the S2
goal (import one under various guises; 3B/AAN swap; 10v swap) this is
the one alternative I have never heard of come to fruition, (except the
TAP car)  So try the 20v site, John.

> I was speaking to an enthusiast that is converting his CQ to 
> a S2.  His 
> approach is a bit different in that instead of transplanting 
> a AN or 3B 
> engine, he is bolting RS2 intake, exhaust, turbo, etc. gear 
> onto his NA 20 
> engine.

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