[Es2] 20vt conversion using the stock 20v na?

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Mon Dec 29 12:09:23 EST 2003

Sounds like a great track car.  And come to think of it, reminds me of
another homebrew 20vt: wasn't the Tato Racing S2 (George Plsek) a
completely built turbo 5?  I think it was.  I think it ran well, but I
was always surprised they'd done so much development work vs working
from the audi parts bin.  I heard someone in New England bought the car,
often wonder what happened to it.  It was a magnificent build, must've
cost 3X the ask of $30K when they sold it...

Anyhow, as usual anything can be done for a price, but as you suggest,
others who explored the option as potentially cheaper than a
straightforward swap seemed to give up.  


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> I am doing this conversion. It is very expensive. It would be 
> much cheaper to 
> do the 3B, AAN, ADU swap. I am doing most of the work myself, 
> and the parts 
> for the motor alone will be $15k-$20k. But I love this kind 
> of challenge and I 
> am taking my time, it won't be done for another 2 years or so.
> I think Javad Shadzi is working on a 2.3L, but I don't know 
> what it is based 
> on.
> Here is a quick rundown of what my car will be:
> Motor: (based on N/A 7A)
> Goal: 450-500hp
> 2.3L - 7A (I have 2 of them, so I may as well play)
> JE Pistons
> Pauter or Carrillo rods
> Knife edged crank (maybe)
> Wagner intake manifold - Ported and extrude honed
> Ported and polished head - 7A cams
> Custom copper head gasket - PAECO Industries
> Large throttle body - maybe RS2 (ported)
> No MAF
> Huge intercooler
> Custom equal length tubular header
> Hybrid turbo
> 3.5" exhaust - side exit (in front of right rear wheel)
> Stand alone engine management - Autronic or EFI Technologies 
> (maybe 034EFI) Fidanza aluminum flywheel Spec Stage IV clutch
> Car:
> '90 Coupe Quattro
> gutted interior
> Race seats - Sparco or Cobra
> 5-point harnesses
> Full weld-in roll cage
> Autometer gauges
> Deletion of power windows, door locks, sound system, alarm, 
> sunroof, etc. Lexan windows (maybe) Fuel cell Battery in rear 
> Fiberglass RS2 front bumper Fiberglass S2 rear bumper 
> Fiberglass B4 hood Fiberglass front fenders (maybe) RS2 
> ellipsoid headlights Porsche Big Red brakes BBS Bugatti 17x8 
> et35 2-piece wheels 245-40/17 Toyo T1-S tires Custom ARBs - 
> adjustable Coil-overs
> Well, that's the gist of it. As I said it will probably take 
> a couple more 
> years to finish. As you can tell, it won't be very street 
> friendly (track car), 
> but it should go like hell.
> Mark E. Siggelkow
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