[Es2] Happy Holidays

Matt twentyV matt_20v at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 29 17:49:30 EST 2003

Been unsubbed while skiing at Tahoe the last week,
and will shortly unsub again as I'll be traveling
next week too.  But wanted to pop in and express
my gratitude for a great 2003, and wish everyone the
best for 2004.
2003 was a very good year for us Audi-wise.  The 20vt 
conversion on the cq has been basically trouble-free,
I have been driving it at least a couple times a week
and have gotten it onto the track as well.  The 
puddle of water in the passenger footwell is an
annoyance, but thanks to 20V.org and this list
I know where to look.  My lady friend was able to
upgrade from a '98 Subaru to a '95 S6 avant (think
I had any input into that one?), which is now serving
as our dog-hauling ski car.  I caught her staring
into the garage at it last night.  Our '00 S4 isn't
bringing joy right now, sitting cold at the house 
with a waterpump screaming to be replaced.  Timing is 
fortunate because it just hit 60K and needs the
t-belt service anyhow, but it pisses me off as it 
already had the WP replaced at 30K (under warranty). 
I love driving it, but wonder if it can be a high-
mileage workhorse like the older I5's.  The '89 Dakota
(longbed 5spd!) keeps truckin, but with leaky valve
cover gaskets it travels in a cloud of oil smoke
(picture Pigpen from Peanuts).  People wonder why we 
have so many cars- but at any given moment at least 1 
is out of action, sometimes 2, so we need the 
These email lists have contributed greatly to my
Audi happiness, and I am very grateful to everyone
for all their help.  I hope everyone has a safe
and happy quattro-holiday, see you next year.
Matt Rooke

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