[Es2] Reality sets in...

Dave K. desmo888 at comcast.net
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BTDT, just a couple months ago.  My engine is currently stripped down for a
rebuild.  I am piston shopping and blending the intake and exhaust passages
in the head.
I had my 200TQ in so many pieces the scrap guy wouldn't even come for it.
It only weighed a couple hundred pounds.
The rest of the car is in my basement and peppered across the U.S. in bits
and pieces.
Some pictures, more to come...

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> The wife and kids left on the 25th for 12 days and I
> pulled the 200 20vt into the garage.  Popped the hood,
> got the Bentleys ready, tools organized, family album
> print-outs laid out, took a very deep breath and
> wondered what the hell I was doing.......4 hours later
> the front bumper was off, intercooler and aux.
> radiator removed, airbox out, coolant all over the
> floor, wires labeled, hands very greasy, more nuts and
> bolts than I know what to do with, and a whole lot of
> other stuff accomplished.  Plans for tonight and
> tomorrow are to finish getting the engine ready for
> removal and getting it out by New Years Day.  (nothing
> else to do since the wife and kids are gone!!)
> Once I get the engine out I can tear the rest of the
> parts off of it that I can sell and hopefully get it
> out of the garage before the wifey gets back.  All I
> can say is, I now know why it takes so long to do this
> conversion and I'm only 8 hours into it!!!
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