[e//S2] Clutch setup:

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Tue Jul 8 20:13:53 EDT 2003

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My decisions for clutch setup:

I been puzzled about the clutch/pressure plate issuse for a while now. Afte=
r sending some email and getting replies. I was told that the Sach sport pr=
essure plate that is used for the audi coupe quattro/audi 90 20v is also th=
e same pressure plate used with the audi 200 20v. Blaufanugen (however it i=
s spelled) is selling the Sport pressure plates for $199 shipped. So I opte=
d to buy one. I also decided on the B5 platform S4/rs4 clutch disc (impex $=

I will comment on the feel once the car is put back together.
Hopefully I will be dropping in the motor this weekend.



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