[e//S2] Clutch setup:

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Thu Jul 10 11:20:14 EDT 2003

I will be curious to hear how everything bolts up.  The 200 20vt has a
different flywheel design and of course a completely different gearbox
(016).  I have suffered mightily w/clutch setups, and still own (if
anyone wants to buy for experimental purposes) a factory RS2 pressure
plate and flywheel, which for reasons no one could explain, was too
"thick" to fit between my 3B and my RS2 gearbox.  So I am running: CQ
pressure plate, CQ flywheel, lightened by 7lbs., RS2 clutch disk.


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> My decisions for clutch setup:
> I been puzzled about the clutch/pressure plate issuse for a while now.
> After sending some email and getting replies. I was told that the Sach
> sport pressure plate that is used for the audi coupe quattro/audi 90
> is also the same pressure plate used with the audi 200 20v.
> (however it is spelled) is selling the Sport pressure plates for $199
> shipped. So I opted to buy one. I also decided on the B5 platform
> clutch disc (impex $225+-).
> I will comment on the feel once the car is put back together.
> Hopefully I will be dropping in the motor this weekend.
> Cheers
> Josh
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