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josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Thu Jul 10 19:44:31 EDT 2003

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Hi guys,

I got my clutch components today :-)


This is a picture of the stock 7a clutch and pressure plate and the S4/rs4 =
clutch and audi 20v 5cylinder Sport pressure plate. The 7a clutch disc has =
4 springs and the s4/rs4 has 6 springs, plus the material looks to be diffe=
rent and the s4/rs4 has the grooves.

This setup will work, however there is a catch.  On my first attempt to pla=
ce the s4 clutch on the pressure plate it would not fit! But relax there is=
 a simple solution to this.  I had to grind off a very small amount of the =
s4 disc. You can see the part of the S4 disc I grinded off in this pic:


The 20v Sport pressure plate inner circle is around 5 and 3/4+-
The S2/Rs2 pressure plate that I have is around 5 and 7/8+-

It's a very small amount that had to be taken off,  Nothing that I consider=
 fatal to the working of the pressure plate or disc.


I was able to do this with a dremel.  Very simple took maybe 4 minutes of m=
y time.

I also attempted to shave a little bit of the pressure plate off, however i=
ts quite thick, and would of taken a long time with the tools that I have. =
It is an options, but I took the easier route. I did however go along this =
inside edge completely with the dremel. I sappose one could say I took a li=
ttle bit off the clutch and pressure plate.

I will not be lightening my flywheel, I will be using the stock 7a flywheel=
. Reason so:
As quoted from Sjm

"The 1992 and later S4 engines used a dual mass flywheel with internal spri=
ng dampers to reduce the engine torsional vibrations from being transmitted=
 to the transmission and drive train".

There is a reason why the flywheels, and pressure plates were swaped over t=
o dual mass(and why the clutch disc has six springs now versus four). I don=
't see lightening the flywheel to be worth it to me. It's possible and theo=
retical issuses it could cause out way any gains from lightening it. I will=
 note this is just my opinion on this. I want to have a coupe that is drive=
r friendly, in stop and go traffic, and on the race track. Little tid bit o=
f knowledge, the 7a flywheel maybe heavy, but the dual mass is even heavier.
I am hoping to keep engine occilation down. I also have an apr snub mount t=
o help with dealing with engine movement.

Also noted I am looking into an allternative to the front snub mount. I hav=
e a friend who deals with Polyurethane and he can get Rubber tubes same dia=
meter (inside and out) as the apr snub from 40 shore A all the way to 100 S=
hore A.

Shore A is a term used to measure the softness/harness of Rubber etc.  60 S=
hore A would be close to the harness of a typical Tire.  100 Shore A  is ar=
ound a bowling ball harness.
Just to give you an idea.

I am hoping to have the motor dropped in this weekend. It will not be runni=
ng but getting it in would certainly be nice.
I am still waiting for the AC Adapter harness. I was able to source one fro=
m D.A.D.S. in California btw.

I am also waiting for the S2 intercooler and crossmember setup.  After I or=
dered the wrong intercooler(some how etka gave me the wrong part #, expensi=
ve mistake to say the least).  However I was able to source a nearly new on=
e, and crossmember for $450euros. Which completely made my day.


I will keep everyone posted.



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