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G. Christopher Buerner chris at qualitymarineusa.com
Thu Jul 10 18:31:03 EDT 2003

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Hi Guys,

Haven't posted in a while, been away but noticed some discussion on the
downpipe issue.

I'm running a 3b s2 down pipe mated to a 3 " custom stainless exhaust
made for me by scott at stromung.  2bennett has a stromung-made 3"
exhaust available, but as I've got a battery box under my rear bench, I
had to have mine made to snake through that area and up over the rear
diff.  Super tight fit but it's perfect.

The 3b s2 downpipe's diameter is a bit smaller than 3" (marginally) so
one side of your test-pipe or cat will have to use a slightly smaller
flange, also the downpipe end is slightly flared (tapered) and, believe
it or not, a napa-auto-sourced $2.60 exhaust doughnut (tapered on both
sides) was the the perfect ticket to join the pipe to the exhaust in
harmonious union.

If anyone wants the napa part number let me know..sad I had to use it,
it's the only non-audi or non-porsche part in the whole car.
If anyone wants an AAN downpipe (dual outlet, and very similar to an ABY
pipe) let me know, I want it out of my garage but hate to toss it.


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