[e//S2] More clutch info:

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Fri Jul 11 13:08:35 EDT 2003

Interesting stuff, I wonder if there is a clue hear as to why my RS2
setup didn't fit in my application.  I'll have to study the pix later.
While I agree completely with your logic on the flywheel issue (and
would do come to your conclusion today were I to do it again) as a data
point, my lightened 7a flywheel has been fine for 25K miles.  The only
driveability issue I believe I detect on the street is the tendency of
revs to drop faster in upshifts.  Eg I've learned not to come all the
way out of the throttle while upshifting quickly.  I did quickly wear
out the springs in the 7a clutch disc, however, before swapping to the
RS2 disc.

Brandon H

> I will not be lightening my flywheel, I will be using the stock 7a
> flywheel. Reason so:
> http://www.sjmautotechnik.com/trans.html
> As quoted from Sjm
> "The 1992 and later S4 engines used a dual mass flywheel with internal
> spring dampers to reduce the engine torsional vibrations from being
> transmitted to the transmission and drive train".
> There is a reason why the flywheels, and pressure plates were swaped
> to dual mass(and why the clutch disc has six springs now versus four).

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