[e//S2] Hmmm.. Peter Schulz check this out:

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Fri Jul 11 15:50:43 EDT 2003

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"cant do that until the engine is installed.
and thats still gonna be a while for me, since I first need to come up with some $$$ and find a local audi experienced rebuilder."

Randolph Racing:

^^^^They swapped in a 20vT 3b for Aaron
And kevin (owner) owns a 10vT coupe quattro race car
I have yet to do any business with them, but I did meet with kevin once and he seems like a nice guy.

Shine racing:
Service tends to be a bit slow. However quality of work tends to be top notch. They know audis, porsches, and vws very well.

Pedro Rodriguez is friends with a couple of the guys there, he could tell you alot more about Shine then me.

There is a place in Providence RI, that rebuilds all motors. It's called Simplex, sapposely it highly recommmended by many people but I am not sure of how much they deal with audis.

Just a couple options for you.



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