[e//S2] Curious to hear from you Brandon:

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Fri Jul 11 16:22:42 EDT 2003

The history is:

When George Baxter installed my RS2 six speed, I bought an RS2 pp,
flywheel, clutch from Chuck Reed, owner of one of the Eurosport RS2
crate motors (destined for his urQ, hence couldn't use the clutch

When George tried to bolt the six speed up to the 3B with the RS2
clutch/pp/fwheel assembly, it wouldn't fit.  I wasn't there so can't say
why, but his description was that the whole assembly was just 4-5mm too
'thick' in other words he couldn't bolt up the bell housing to the

So we reused my lightened 7a flywheel and stock CQ pp, with the RS2
clutch disc, which has worked fine.

So no need for photos, I have the parts, still scratching my head over
why they didn't work.  The 3B/ANN/ABY blocks are pretty identical in
that area.


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> At this Point I am confused about your setup brandon?
> I actually have a Rs2/ABy S2 clutch disc and pressure plate, and
> If needed I can take pictures.
> But I have an idea of why your RS2 setup would not work.
> The Aby/Rs2 flywheel is not flat, it is recessed.
> The Aby/rs2 pressure plate will only match up to a recessed flywheel.
> plate itself stick out past where the edge of the pressure plate
mounts to
> the flywheel.
> It's difficult to make sense of this, I don't have much time today to
> pictures but I will at some point tomorrow and replie to this.
> Cheers
> Josh
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