[e//S2] Some info on the Brullen exhaust:

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Fri Jul 11 16:24:12 EDT 2003

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I got this off of audiworld

"I finally got it and here's my review:

I ordered it from: www.ppsonline.net/brullen.htm, located in Canada, which is also where the Brüllen Exhaust Company is located. Brüllen is a made-by-order company, so it took about 3 weeks to get to my house in PA. Parts & Prices: (IN CANADIAN CURRENCY) 2.50" Exhaust System: $789, Extra Tips: $25, "Quiet Version": $7.50, Freight: $40.40; everything added up in US Currency comes to about $580, which isn't bad compared to the highly priced Scorpion system. The install at the local exhaust shop was about $80, they said they had a small problem fitting it, but they had no problem fixing it, they also added a hanger as well.

Oh and the "Quiet Version" simply means it comes with a chambered muffler that dampers the sound, compared to the straight-thru muffler that is very loud, almost annoying from what I've heard. Before I bought it, I noticed a lot of the A4 owners had these, so I asked them which version I should go with and they all said "Quiet", and trust me, it was worth getting the quiet. I personally believe it is one of the nicest systems I've heard, its almost identicle to the sound of the Remus systems, a real nice low deep tone, not raspy at all, can barely hear it during idle. During full throttle it sounds real nice, not extremely loud, but people are going to notice you, I LOVE IT!!! As for performance increasements, I have noticed it pulls harder around 3500-4000 RPM and then it really takes off, I would assume a few ponies, not much, but something. The system even includes a lifetime warranty. Check out Brüllens homepage: www.brullenexhaust.com"

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