[e//S2] In respose to the exhaust/downpipe chat:

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Fri Jul 11 16:14:38 EDT 2003

> If there were enough people intersted, they (Brullen) probably could make
a downpipe for our applications.

Also, Stromung can make a custom downpipe (and/or full exhaust).  I have
owned a custom 3" turbo-back Stromung exhaust for my UrS4 and it was
fantastic.  Mandrel bent pipe, beautiful welds, bespoke fitment, etc.  The
entire exhaust almost cost the same as just the 2B downpipe.  Since it is
custom, the sky is the limit (larger turbo mounting surface for crazy-sized
turbos, bungs for an EGT sensor, etc.).  The only real requirement would be
for a car to be available for fitment in California.  Also, since we don't
really have all that many guys, we might end-up at the back of a line and we
might not get too much of a discount.  Still, I promise it will be cheaper
than 2B.

Hmmm, checking my notes here, my complete 3" SS Stromung turbo-back exhaust,
including an additional "test pipe" for track days and eventually a second
Magnaflow muffler, came to $1180 (total).  2B downpipe is $975 + shipping.
Do the math.  I have photos of this thing, if anyone is interested.  Most of
you know what I'm talking about from the S-Car list.

Just a thought.  For so few of us, it might be more trouble than its worth,
since a) there are already solutions, and b) we probably don't all want the
same thing (I am only interested in 3" exhaust, for instance).  Come to
think of it, I'm broke right now so I don't know what I'm doing having this
conversation anyway.  ;-)

Jimmy P.

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