[e//S2] AAN

Mark L. Chang mchang at ee.washington.edu
Mon Jul 14 05:19:33 EDT 2003

Ok, so an AAN has popped up in the area (finally). Are there any sites
or bits of wisdom of using this motor for my 90q20v (1991)?

I know that I'll either have to switch to the Dahlback IM or the RS2 IM
(Porsche, yum)... but other than that, what are the AAN-specific gotchas
that we're looking at?

Jimmy Pribble, you here? I am not planning a track-car. A/C keep is
necessary for me, as well.

Just getting the ball rolling so that people will talk me out of buying
the motor :).

I couldn't afford a cool signature, so I just got this one.

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