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At 04:21 AM 7/14/2003 -0700, Mark L. Chang wrote:
>Oh, here: http://www.urs4.com/logbook/RS2CQ/issues.htm
>Ok... anything else :)... those look like good, easy solutions. The
>expensive one on the radiator, but still, works.
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"Expensive" is relative...

Chris Miller and I purchased an all- aluminum, double core  radiator from J=
avad Shadzi for about$420 shipped.

The difficult part was to mount it, since it did not come with mounting fla=
nges or tabs.

Chris and I took different approaches - he use "alumaweld" rods and mapp ga=
s to braze some aluminum stock to the radiator to support the stock rubber =
isolator studs.

I took an approach similar to Javad - I fabbed a lower mount from a section=
 of square Aluminum tubing, and a pair of lower radiator mounts from the or=
iginal ford Bronco ( available new from Jeff's bronco graveyard http://www.=

My brother made some "C" shaped clips from 1/8" SS - one to support the iso=
lator on the driver's fender, one for the front upper support next to the e=
ngine, and two specially shaped ones to support the lower part of the conde=
nser. (Yes, I am maintaining AC, Chris is not)

Mike Sylvester and my dad also helped me with milling and drilling parts of=
 the fabrication.

I also managed to use the stock fan and shroud with some modification with =
a dremel tool and a hot air gun around the hose fittings.
While I was at it I also added and 80 AM inline fuse on the ground lead ( a=
la late 200q20vs)

The hardest part was to come up with a way of fastening everything to the r=
I ended up using the captive nuts that audi uses on the radiators, which I =
had to grind slightly so that they would fit behind the side supports and c=
lear the core (less than 3/16 inch clearance), and  M6 10mm nuts/bolts

The bonus of using this double core radiator is that I was able to remove t=
he secondary radiator - and have option for a much bigger than S2 or RS2 IC.

I have seen the 2 Bennett double core radiator in Matt Rookes car...It look=
s well made and appears to be a bolt in.

Is it worth twice the price of Javad's?  Depends whether you have time, pat=
ience, and access to machine shop equipment ( drill press, milling machine,=
 grinder, etc)

I had the car on the track already and had no cooling problems at all.

I'm sending a bunch of zipped pix, maybe you can unzip them and put them on=
 a server so that other folks can see them.?


[ Peters_aluminum_radiator.zip of type application/zip deleted ]
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