[e//S2] Ironically as I go back to work on the belt, I sheared one of the bolts...

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Tue Jul 15 23:07:50 EDT 2003

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Good write up I sappose.

When working on the idle pulley even 15ft pounds as mentioned on the S4 bently is a bit much?

Real shocker to me, but I was able to take the pulley off and luckly just twist out the broken piece by hand.

Another brick to add to the ever climbing wall that I climb

21:58pm, note to self: When it says 15ft pounds just tighten by hand.. some times you can be to anal.

Hehe.. 3.14 aka (Pi). an interesting movie. I liked "Requiem for a dream" better thought.. I alway thought "A beautiful mind" was a slight rip off of Pi thought.

Anyways tomorrow is another day.



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