[e//S2] Ironically as I go back to work on the belt, I sheare d one of the bolts...

Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Wed Jul 16 08:15:13 EDT 2003


> When working on the idle pulley even 15ft pounds as mentioned on the S4
bently is a bit much?

Guys, Mr. Bentley is wrong!  From the write-up on my site, courtesy of Fred

"34. Install the belt on the water pump and cam pulley. Install the
tensioner. Note that the Bentley says to torque the tensioner bolts to 15
ft.lb - NOT! These bolts are only 6 mm and I stretched one before the cheesy
feel and belated common sense kicked in at 11 ft. lb. A 6 mm bolt commonly
takes 7 ft. lb of torque. I replaced the bolt, put on loctite, and tightened
using my wrist-o-meter torque wrench."

Full AAN t-belt change write-up here:


And one of my favorite Audi "DIY" photos:


Sorry I have been so quiet on the list lately; work has been murder.
However, my friend and primary wrench Ken Fluhr just got back from a
multi-month sabatical in his home state of Florida, so we should be able to
get cracking on the projects again soon.  Also, I also just got my first
digital camera for my birthday a couple of days ago, so future documentation
of my project should be even better.


Jimmy P.

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