[e//S2] Samco hoses:

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Wed Jul 16 20:08:54 EDT 2003

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Interesting little find figured I mention hear.

The 200 3b motor:

Samco makes hoses for this application

There is another email list with a group buy on "aby" S2 samco hoses, but I=
 believe it's just the 200 3b application or at least the bottom hose is.

I Believe Koko mentioned to me that the Rs2 lower hose is silicone.  But Fo=
r all you guys running RS2/Aby intercoolers it seems that the 200 3b lower =
hose will work with your application.

I probably will be getting one and checking it out once I get my aby interc=
ooler. I am not completely positive on this, for all I know Samco could be =
making a custom Aby application but it would make sense that they are not.

But If anyone else is interested usually a bunch of my vw buddies can get r=
eally good prices on the Samco hoses.
I probably could point you in the right direction.

This is me being me btw, I don't like people getting hmm.. how do you say i=
t politely Screwed? In simple man's terms.. Don't buy right away, Do the re=
search! and most of the time you will find better prices, better options. B=
ut on the other hand I risk getting "black-listed" as my father would say.

Small list of people on this Es2 So my words I highly doubt will affect any=
one of you.

But a couple issuses have rather teeded me off (nothing to do with this lis=
t). I have become a political engineer I sappose in the audiworld at times.

Enjoy life


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