[e//S2] AC compressor bracket

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Mon Jul 21 15:24:20 EDT 2003

Ah the old eS2 website may be outdated and error ridden, but there are
still ANSWERS there:  What you need is the oil pan extension threaded to
accept the new oil line.   There is a blanking plate to cover the hole
in the side of the block, although it is easy to fabricate.  The NA 20v
AC compressor bracket will work if you have the AAN oil filter bracket,
and the aforementioned oil pan extension.  From the www.20v.org/s2 site:

If you keep the stock CQ/S2 location: There are serious conflicts. The
turbo oil return line goes into the side of the block right where the
compressor lives. The compressor bracket occupies the same space as the
oil filter, up close to the bracket lip. Two remedies: 1) home-made:
fabricate a new aeroquip line from the turbo to the oil pan extension.
Must modify (heliarc, drill, tap) extension to accept hose. Screw a
remote oil filter adapter to the filter bracket, and locate oil filter
remotely. 2) Factory: buy the S2 oil filter bracket (mounts filter
horizontally, out of way of compressor bracket, buy oil feed and oil
return lines, buy S2 pan extension threaded to accept oil return line.
[I chose this solution as possibly the most expensive, but the least
risky, most elegant, and pure factory] You will also need to buy an S2
AC low pressure line from the drier back, since the stock CQ piece will
run right against the turbo. [Note: the oil lines are $300 or so, oil
pan extension was $28, filter bracket about $140] Numbers for these
parts are listed under S2 parts.'

> I spent several hours poking around at the local junk yard near my
> digging up parts I need to put my AAN into the 4000.  I picked up a
> steering pump and bracket off a NA 20v ($50), 7A exhaust cam (for my
> and a AC bracket off an NG.  The AC bracket doesn't seem to be the one
> even though ETKA says that this was used on the 3B S2.  The oil return
> line from the turbo to the block gets in the way.

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