[e//S2] re:One more quick question for you koko

Coupquat at aol.com Coupquat at aol.com
Tue Jul 22 13:24:36 EDT 2003


The red hose that I placed above the head cylinder on the pic is the RS2 hose that connect from turbo to intercooler, since the opening for BOV on that hose was facing downward (not like 3B lower hose which facing upward, see D04 pic) , I had to add another 1" dia hose to connect from that hose to BOV on stock location (connected to the "intake box to turbo" hose)

The lower hose on the pic is the stock 3B lower hose.
The upper and lower Samco hose that I ordered that said for "20v turbo" on their website was the exact same size and dimension as 3B upper and lower hose. I only use the upper one and sold the lower one on EBAY.

I not really sure if the 3B hose will mate up to the aby Intercooler. I still have all three stock 3B hoses if you need any (upper and lower turbo hoses, and intake to turbo hose).


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