[e//S2] AC compressor bracket

Brandon Hull Hull at cardinalpartners.com
Tue Jul 22 16:47:51 EDT 2003

Yes, the NA 20v compressor works fine in fact I used the NA 20v bracket
as well.  I suspect it is the same as the S2 bracket.  Incidentally, I
have a non-factory drier, I think from GM or somesuch.  Otherwise all
the hoses  etc were as portrayed on Etka.

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> Thanks Brandon,
> You and I are both "factory" guys.  All it takes is one look at my S6
> conversion and know that I'm goofy like that. :-)  I'll be picking up
> those S2 parts to make it all work......the right way.
> Since I'm not pulling a old NA 20v out and have those parts for spares
> do have one more question.  Can you use the NA 20v AC compressor with
> S2 bracket or do I need to buy one of those too?
> Tom
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> Ah the old eS2 website may be outdated and error ridden, but there are
> still ANSWERS there:  What you need is the oil pan extension threaded
> accept the new oil line.   There is a blanking plate to cover the hole
> in the side of the block, although it is easy to fabricate.  The NA
> AC compressor bracket will work if you have the AAN oil filter
> and the aforementioned oil pan extension.  From the www.20v.org/s2
> If you keep the stock CQ/S2 location: There are serious conflicts. The
> turbo oil return line goes into the side of the block right where the
> compressor lives. The compressor bracket occupies the same space as
> oil filter, up close to the bracket lip. Two remedies: 1) home-made:
> fabricate a new aeroquip line from the turbo to the oil pan extension.
> Must modify (heliarc, drill, tap) extension to accept hose. Screw a
> remote oil filter adapter to the filter bracket, and locate oil filter
> remotely. 2) Factory: buy the S2 oil filter bracket (mounts filter
> horizontally, out of way of compressor bracket, buy oil feed and oil
> return lines, buy S2 pan extension threaded to accept oil return line.
> [I chose this solution as possibly the most expensive, but the least
> risky, most elegant, and pure factory] You will also need to buy an S2
> AC low pressure line from the drier back, since the stock CQ piece
> run right against the turbo. [Note: the oil lines are $300 or so, oil
> pan extension was $28, filter bracket about $140] Numbers for these
> parts are listed under S2 parts.'
> Brandon
> > I spent several hours poking around at the local junk yard near my
> place
> > digging up parts I need to put my AAN into the 4000.  I picked up a
> power
> > steering pump and bracket off a NA 20v ($50), 7A exhaust cam (for my
> S6)
> > and a AC bracket off an NG.  The AC bracket doesn't seem to be the
> > even though ETKA says that this was used on the 3B S2.  The oil
> > line from the turbo to the block gets in the way.
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