[e//S2] Suspension : Control arm bushings

G. Christopher Buerner chris at qualitymarineusa.com
Wed Jul 30 19:59:19 EDT 2003

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Hi all,

Quick question re: control arm bushings - What are people using??
Delrin, Polyurethane, or stock ??  I'm putting in coil-overs and my
control arm bushings are shot.

I've got 340lb springs for the front and 315lb springs for the back
thanks to Ken @ 2B.  This isn't a track-specific car so I don't want the
set-up to be too unruly.  I've got no experience with either type of
bushing and don't want a harsher, squeakier ride.  Anyone have
suggestions out there? Whose kit to use?

Oh, and if anyone wants some Like Nu H&R's with @ 3k miles on them, let
me know.  I used these with the Koni sport-adjustables and UR-Q strut
bushings, and the handling result is a dramatic improvement over stock.
I'll take 2 bones for the set.


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