[e//S2] Audi intake by wagner tuning on ebay.

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I thought that might be you (I looked at the winner's ebay history and saw
Atlanta area).

'90 RSCoupe (project)
- back to lurking

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MTM sold the design of their manifold to Wagner who started to produce
them again.  This manifold if used on all MTM cars with higher HP.  The
"problem" with MTM is that Roland won't sell you one unless you but his
"kit".  Read $$$$ and some of those parts I don't want.  I've been
trying to squeeze one out of him for about a year now.  He did a small
run of manifolds one year ago and he used them all to build race motors
producing 500hp.  I've never known MTM to do anything that didn't HP

The other nice thing about this manifold is the fact that you don't have
to run all those charge line tubes around your engine bay as per factory
s2/rs2.  Air out of the turbo on one side of the motor, across the front
of the car (through the intercooler) and back up the other side of the
motor into the t-body.  Sure I've got to fab up some tubing, but hey,
nobody every said that putting an RS2+ spec motor into a type85 would be

I've seen the MTM versions selling for $1100-1200USD by private
individuals and the Wagner version going for around $1000 depending on
the exchange rate.  At $455USD it's a steal, at $560 it's still a steal.
I just really hope that it doesn't have those goofy looking Audi rings
on the top!  The early Wagner versions didn't.

I did pick up the last one on eBay, BTW.


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