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Sun Jun 1 17:12:22 EDT 2003

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I am new to the list.  I am getting ready for a transplant, but will probably
not do installation myself.  I could do the motor, but wiring is beyond me.

But I am into upgrading braking system.  Since I have a wrecked 95 S6 sitting
in the garage, I am looking into using the rears on my coupe.  The same year
A6 used the same rear solid rotor calipers as the coupe.  The S6 ventilated
calipers will bolt up to the coupe, and the cables pull in the same direction.
Major problem is the hat size on the rear rotors.  I have been searching vaious
brake sites looking for the right rotor.  Haven't found one yet, but thought
I would pass along some information I did find.

I know that one of the main things to do is change the coupes to 5x112 hubs,
but it is a pain to buy the rotors.  I have found a USA Audi OE replacement.

I was looking at the Ate web site and comparing rotors.  This is what I

S2 rear brake discs


Part number 24.0110-0261.1

Cross reference to Audi part numbers
    895 615 601 A       S2 Coupe
    8E0 615 601 B       A4 02-03 A4/Avant
                          A4 02-03 A4/Avant Quattro
                          CAB 03-03 Audi Cabrio

ATE article information on the brake disc for both discs as taken from Ate
web site.

Diameter [mm] 245
Brake Disc Thickness [mm]: 10.0
from Model Year: 10.92
Minimum Thickness [mm]: 8.0
Brake Disc Type: full
Number of Holes: 10
Fitting Side: rear
Height [mm]: 40.0mm
Centering Diameter: 68.0
Inner Diameter [mm]: 135.5
Bore Ø [mm]: 15.3

The rotors are the same.  Now you can find it at the local shop.

Greg Wood

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