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Mon Jun 2 07:56:49 EDT 2003

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You can also try SPEC Clutches:

<A HREF="http://www.specclutch.com/specMain.html">http://www.specclutch.com/specMain.html</A>

I know some people have been very happy with their clutches. I am planning on
using one with my project w/ aluminum 7A flywheel.

Take care,
Mark E. Siggelkow
'90 RSCoupe (project)

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Coupquat at aol.com writes:

Hi all

This is my first time posting here, so Hi.. to everyone.
I just install the rs2 maf, rs2 injector, sx engineering fuel pressure
regulator and lehmann modified ecu 3 bar, set up the fuel presure to 60 psi
vacuum/boost line connected. Runs great on 91 octane in california. but the
clutch started to slip I used lightened stock CQ flywheel with stock CQ
clutch and pressure plate. I was wondering if i can use clutch and PP from
the urS4
with CQ flywheel. since the clutch and pressure plate are available from
centerforce dual friction.

Thank You

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