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Mon Jun 2 08:14:51 EDT 2003

Hello -

My eS2 rally car, which has a CBL code 01E trans mated to a 7A bottom end,
I am running a clutch and pressure plate from clutchnet.com.   The clutch
is a spring loaded 6-puck unit and the pressure plate is a CQ pressure
plate with modified spring fingers.  The factory CQ pressure plate would
let the clutch slip at anything over 12 psi.  This modified unit holds at
26 psi of boost.

- Felix

At 09:19 PM 6/1/2003 -0400, Coupquat at aol.com wrote:
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>Hi all
>This is my first time posting here, so Hi.. to everyone.
>I just install the rs2 maf, rs2 injector, sx engineering fuel pressure
>regulator and lehmann modified ecu 3 bar, set up the fuel presure to 60
>psi with
>vacuum/boost line connected. Runs great on 91 octane in california. but
>the stock
>clutch started to slip I used lightened stock CQ flywheel with stock CQ
>clutch and pressure plate. I was wondering if i can use clutch and PP from
>the urS4
>with CQ flywheel. since the clutch and pressure plate are available from
>centerforce dual friction.
>Thank You
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