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Jimmy Pribble Jimmy at texasbankers.com
Mon Jun 2 08:54:38 EDT 2003

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> i'm looking for some advice on a clutch for the eS2. I intend on using the
CQ gearbox as long as it holds out but i know the stock CQ clutch won't be
able to handle the kind of horse power and torque the 3B will be producing.
So which clutch kit will work with the CQ tranny? Brandon, i know you
started out with an S4 clutch.


Some of the information on Brandon's clutch page
(http://www.20v.org/s2/whatsneededclutch.html) is incorrect.  Most
importantly, he did not use any S4 parts.  He can fill in the details, but
basically he traded for what he thought were S4 parts, but actually ended-up
with CQ parts again.  So, at least until recently, Brandon has been running
with a stock CQ flywheel (lightened), clutch, and PP.  This is what he had
to say about my concerns:

"I think you'll be ok w/the clutch as long as you don't drag race.  I
probably did a dozen or so really serious drop clutch starts on my stock cq
clutch.  When they replaced it during my rebuild, George said it was pretty
worn, not just the faces, but the springs were shot.  Still worked ok.  Now
I have the RS2 disk, so I'm hoping that was the weakest link.  Not to
exagerate Treadway's clutch issues, he replaced clutches but certainly not
every time out.  I know when he had his urq on the four wheel dyno it
slipped under maximum load.  Honestly, I'll bet your fine with the stock
trans until you want to change it out."

I have not heard a report since he has had the RS2 CLUTCH DISK.  Also, I
don't remember if that was easily acquired or whether it is a financially
viable alternative.  Brandon?

> I was wondering if i can use clutch and PP from the urS4 with CQ flywheel.

No.  I tried making this very Frankenclutch, but it did not work.  The UrS4
PP isn't deep enough to allow the clutch to fully release.

Jimmy P.

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