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Andrew.Jackson at bmo.com Andrew.Jackson at bmo.com
Mon Jun 2 10:01:03 EDT 2003

Hi JC,

I've just installed this kit from Dahlback Racing  originally made for the
Euro S2's on my AAN'd Coupe:
(full link: http://www.dahlbackracing.se/audi/s2/ovrigt.asp?Language=1 )

This is what they offer for the S4/S6 engine bay:
(full link: http://www.dahlbackracing.se/audi/s4s6/ovrigt.asp?Language=1 )

Orignally, I simply had a K&N cone connected directly to my MAF.   The
sounds of the turbo spooling and the BPV recirculating the air pressure
was LOUD.
(A good thing or a bad thing.. depending on your tastes.)

With the additional tubing in the Dahlback kit, the "noise" is somewhat
Performance has noticably increased over my previous setup because of the
better location of the filter, the better heatshielding and the abiltiy to
go with a MUCH larger air filter.

As a side note, I also gave the DBR BPV a shot and I'm pleased with it so
far.  (Cheaper than a Forge and no more honking!)

Just throwing out options,  YMMV



jcdavidson2 at juno.com
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06/01/2003 12:57 AM

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        Subject:        [s-cars] Cone filter air induction conversion

Does anyone have a cone air filter conversion kit for a '93 URS4?  Any
suggestions for home made kit.  Experiences please.

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