[e//S2] it seems we are all in the quest for clutch setups? maybe try to organize a group buy...?

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Mon Jun 2 17:41:52 EDT 2003

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I am in need of a clutch too for my coupe quattro/aby conversion(yes it's w=
as the one from toronto, I snuck it through the border without any issuses).

I can possibly get some prices from a few places about group buys on clutch=

Rs2 setup, S2 setup etc..  If you send me an email directly I can figure ou=
t how many people are interested: livinotte at cox.net

I tend to do most of my transactions with martyn at vagparts.com  I would n=
ot be looking into a profit on this or anything like so, I would just expec=
t to have everyone pitch in on shipping to the states.

Basically we could ship it to my house, or logan airport. and then from the=
re I could ship it out to everyone else.

I could also send an email to dalback about this same issuse.

I will probably be ordering parts from martyn in the next couple weeks+ may=
be a little longer. Ac line, etc.. So hit me up with an email and I will ge=
t some prices..

I am still not sure exactly what works with the Es2 transplants.. I will be=
 going through etka a bit later on tonight, and I will send another email w=
ith all the pressure plates, clutchs, and flywheels listed.


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