[e//S2] These are martyn listed aby/Adu=S2/Rs2 prices

josh Leonti livinotte at cox.net
Mon Jun 2 18:35:30 EDT 2003

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      ABY clutch center plate 034 141 033A £131.22
      ABY clutch pressure plate 077 141 117L £148.74

Note aby is the same as RS2

clutch center plate: $214.870
pressure plate: $243.557

I am sure martyn could help us out with prices.. if we could get like 6 people interested.

All this clutch and pressure plate talk got me all confused right now.. I am going to have to look into all this and try to figure it out. There is a chance I won't be able to use the ABY flywheel? with the stock coupe quattro tranny???????

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